Before getting the excellent 7-14mm Panasonic lens, I tried out the Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 on the GF1. The unit I bought was made with the Leica M mount and I used it with a Leica M to M43 adaptor for the GF1. I was never happy with the shots I got with this lens. I had been hoping for a wide angle lens, well, wider than what I had at the time and I at first felt this lens would give me a little more than what I had.

When using any manual focus lens on the GF1, which doesn’t have a built in viewfinder, I was never able to get good sharp images. I assumed for a long while that this was the result of trying to focus via the back LCD screen and felt that no matter how much I tried, I was never happy with the results.

I then began to consider investing in a Panasonic EVF (electronic Viewfinder). Online reviews state that while it is adequate for framing the image, image quality through the viewfinder is subpar considering that Panasonic opted in using a low rez LCD in the viewfinder. With these potential shortcomings in mind, I said what the hell and bit the bullet. I’ll find out for myself if it suits my needs and if all it doesn’t, worst case scenario, I can resell it on ebay and lose just a few bucks.

I bought a used unit that the Ebay seller posted as being “like new” and waited for it to arrive. Even on my first use, I could see that this was an indespensable addition to my camera bag. If you are going to go Manual Focus, you need to get yourself one of these EVF’s. It definitely is much better than trying to focus using only the back LCD. For added focusing, press down on the camera’s scrolling wheel to zoom in on your subject to get a better view of what you are focusing. A turn of the wheel while zoomed in gives you a 2nd zoom position.

Well, to my dismay, the EVF was a keeper but I can’t say the same for the Voigtlander. It is a beautifull lens that exudes quality and reminds me of expensive vintage gear. It is small enough that you won’t make any sacrifices adding it to your portable camera bag. I was just never pleased with any of the pictures I took with it and my GF1. I don’t know if this is compatibility issue between the the lens and the Gf1, but I could never get satisfactory results.

Off to Ebay it went and I used the funds towards the excellent Panasonic 7-14mm lens. I keep saying excellent when referring to this lens because together with the Panasonic 20mm “pancake,” these are two of my favorite lenses that share space with one other lens that makes up my “portable” equipment of choice.

Summary: Not recommended for the GF1