It’s way past time for an upgrade, but until then, my trusty GF1 is still my camera of choice. I tried using a Canon GX1 for a few days while on vacation but the range of interchangeable lenses with the micro four thirds format is hard to beat. My next camera, unless something better comes out, will be an Olympus OM-D E-M5. For now, it’s the GF1 and I still carry three lenses with me: The Panasonic 20mm pancake, a Minolta Rokkor 50mm Ff1.2, and a Panasonic 7-14mm wide angle lenses. I have found that these three lenses give me the flexibility I need, whether it’s landscapes (7-14mm), night photography (50mm or 20mm) or just street portraits (50mm) then I have a the lens for the job. Here are the most recent pics taken this summer using these three lenses while on vacation in Northern Europe:

Spilt Blood, St Petersburg Russia

Minolta Rokkor 50mm F1.2

Oslo Opera House, Norway

Holocaust Memorial Berlin